Get A Toll Free Number

Finally! A small business toll free service with all the bells and whistles you need at a price you can appreciate. See how your new toll free number increases your sales and grows your customer base. The service originates calls from all over the US and terminates the calls on your mobile or office phone. We can either issue a new toll free number or you can port your existing number.

Pricing Information
For each Toll Free Number, you will be charged $19.95/month which includes 1,000 minutes of continental US calls per calendar month. If you exceed these minutes, you will be charged an additional $9.95/month for each additional block of 500 minutes.

Calls to non-continental US areas are not available under this plan unless you choose to enable them. You have the option to enable calls from non-continental US areas if required and all calls to your toll free number from these areas would be billed on a per minute basis.